Growing Cannabis-Mini Documentary – Episode 1

This mini documentary depicts the cultivation of a medical Cannabis strain named Bubble Bomb by Bomb Seeds. Bubble Bomb is a cross between a strain …


  1. Hey Cali, ive been watching a bunch of you videos, thank you for all the content!! I'm planning on starting my own grow set up at home and was wondering about the lights. I saw a bloomspect full spectrum 1200w for $109 do you know if that would be a good alternative to the higrow?

  2. Great content and production. I noticed you started photo period seeds in the final container instead of "potting up" a time or three during veg. I've been thinking about doing that, but many seem to believe the roots won't utilize the whole container as effectively. Can you comment on your experience with this? Obviously your finished product seems to be fantastic. Have you noted any lack of roots throughout the container after harvest?

  3. I liked and subscribed i just wanted to say thank you because you are the first time mix with osystershells i asked why dont they use this in the mix as a source of CALCIUM so thanks for this blend. Also i checked my water report and detroit only uses chlorine not chloramine.

  4. Just subscribed, saw a couple of your other vids by far seem like one of the more knowledgeable and easier to understand producers. I'm new to growing and will be going to you for refrence alot. Thanks for the time and effort you put out there hopefully I can do it justice

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