In this video, I document growing cannabis indoors – the vegetation stage. This is the second episode of a four episode grow series / beginner grow guide.


  1. EPISODE 2 of 4! Since the plants are just going into the flowering stage, it will be about 8-10 weeks before episode 3 is released. Until then, I will of course post other grow videos – so stay tuned!
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  2. Great videos bro as you already know. Question deals with water. After you germ when do you switch to right ph water and then when do you switch to start using water with molasses (your method of course)? I know nutrients is down the line around 30 day mark give or take

  3. Hey chris Love the videos. But i have a quick question. Im a first time Liquid Nutes Grower. I also just mixed my first 1 gallon for my week1 of veg. I was wondering when i feed my plant how often should i feed with that? Everytime i water? And im not sure about what type of plant it is Lol can you help me out?

  4. I soaked my seeds for about 22 hours in a cup of water and then put them in a damp paper towel for about 45 hours. I can see that the seeds cracked open, but only a tiny little tip of the tap root has come out. Should I keep them in the paper towel or move to a pot? I’m concerned that maybe the paper towel is too heavy? They’re the good paper towels.

  5. Hi Chris, I need your help, capisci! I’m a first time grower but no friends to help me out. I grow indoor in a grow tent 4 feminised (strawberry cheese) and I set up the tent with all the correct requirements (full spectrum light 250, 20 inches far away from the plants, intake and outtake of fresh air and carbon filter with fan, CO2 bag, humidifier, light mix soil and nutrients from BioBizz) Ph is always around 6.5, still on 18/6 light cycle. In other words, I spent a good budget to start with. But 2 weeks ago after I defoliated, the plants got stunted, the upper leaves got curly and more lighter colour, a friend recommended me to use root juice, grow and Vera (half dose of the recommended one, 1 ml/l) but the calcium deficiency appeared and started to patch some of the leaves, started propagated and some leaves are dying. I flushed them with 10 litres of ph water 6.8, and removed all the affected leaves. Last time a gave them Active Vera and Revive and now finger crossed 🤞 and wait. Any other advice from you or anyone else whose reading this? Please answer ASAP. Plants want to go back to healthy. Thank you in advance

  6. Why do I see all you YouTube growers with this shit ilgm geneticsthey are hacks that steal other people’s stuff do you ever notice they magically seem to have all the hot strains right away use your head the real cannabis community judge you on what you grow

  7. Hi! First of all, big up from Switzerland (so excuse my bad English). I got a question, you using 2 LED’s in this video, is that a 300w each one? Should I use 1x 600w or 2x 300w for my 4×4 tent ? can i use 2x 600 in my tent to boost my yield or will it just destroy my crop? Thanks a lot for your answer!

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