Cropical Fruit auto harvest with White Widow XXL & Durban Poison auto

Cropical fruit auto is made by cream of the crop seeds. White widow xxl is made by Dinefem seeds and last Durban poison auto is made by Dutch Passion.


  1. U might like a worm bin cos worm tea every 2 weeks halves or quarters the nutes the plants need/want in the rez….see same results w half the nute cost…its crazy. An easy….get your worm juice and water down and add sugar nitrozyme roots excel bit of cal mag bit only of cal mag if no egg shells in the worm bin . And add a jug every 2 weeks or 2 jugs in a rez change ;))
    You'll find that suddenly u have to water water water feed water water water feed etc 😉
    Silicon is ph up for the ph swings and cal mag or grow or bloom is ph down ;)) is w growth technologys ionic brand of nutes anyway

  2. A lot of good colas there ….I think the only improvement on that one could maybe have been more air and better roots like use clonex in the res sometimes….that always seems to get some new roots to sprout everytime used ;))

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