Cloning with FOGGERS experiment! Day one

I really hope it works. The clones I put in there are pure Granimals and they are going in to making fem seeds project, coming up shortly. Thank you very much …


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  2. I hope it works out for you. I tried it about 10 years ago, and my water got way to hot. If you actually touch those things in the center, they vibrate so fast, they burn. But hopefully your res is deep enough to be OK.
    But if anybody gets slime in the cloning res with any other method (Im not sure about foggers), add worm casting tea (They call it compost tea. Don't know why, it's not.).
    It really works bad ass.
    Actually, I go in the woods, get dirt from under the leaves, and make my tea from that. It's free.
    Looking forward to your next show.

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