Willie Nelson Says He's Quit Smoking Weed, Reveals It Almost Killed Him

Country music icon Willie Nelson says he is no longer smoking due to health issues, revealing breathing is “more difficult” these days. SUBSCRIBE to our …


  1. Don't lie… Weed smoke can gum up your lungs, just like it does your bong.. But unlike tobacco products and vape chemicals.. The body can process it.. Which is why tolerance breaks are always wise

  2. Says nothing about how pot almost killed him…
    Said "he want from smoking cedar bark to cigarettes to whatever, and that almost killed him."
    🤷‍♂️ completely took Willie out of context and spun what he said.
    What a load of shit from E.T.

  3. He quit smoking it. Smoking it almost killed him. Weed however does not kill. Edibles are an excellent choice. Let’s always be careful when broadcasting weed to the public and not mislead people. As long as the brain has been fully developed and use it responsibly then there should be no harm.

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