1. This video isnt very well informed. For one, Canabanoid receptors are not exclusively for Cannabis. With this oversight, I'm not sure how accurate the rest of the information in this video actually is.

  2. I was smoking a preroll with my friend & they dropped to the floor, coherent, eyes open, fingers twitching a little bit and talking normal but not able to get up until a few minutes. They played it off a few weeks ago as just playing around but this time they dropped in their kitchen floor then through a screen door with same symptoms & right after smoking a preroll from a dispensary. I thought I killed my friend🙇🏻‍♂️💔

  3. question to everyone but i smoke weed 1 month ago and i smoke 4 cones and 20mins later i was like rolling everywhere and going of my head, can some identify what happend?

  4. Can anyone explain why my joints hurt when I'm high? or perhaps I'm just more aware and in touch with my body. Thank you!
    (my best guess is it has something to do with how THC effects my pain receptors)

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