WHEELCHAIR FAKERS CAUGHT – are they really paralyzed??

We often get accused of being “fake” or “not really paralyzed” because we can move our legs – but the answer isn’t that simple – having an incomplete spinal …


  1. Only at 0:24 and I can't resist speaking "Friggin awesome you two!!!!!" Great video already, now to watch the next 18mins…. And I'm completely able-bodied as they say (but have always been a friend to many paralyzed awesome folks…) Keep doing what you're doing please!

  2. Really good video 🙂 Wish I could go the roulettes experience virtuel, but my lifetime disability aid (pension)is currently being processed so I can't go 🙁 I see that you guys talk about not caring about what others think, but could you do a video about people giving you a hard time for being on disability aid. Unfortunately, there are some people that constantly judge you because you need some form of disability aid to get by due to not being able to work.

  3. I have stiff person syndrome, and spasms cause my legs to be weak, which cause more spasms. It's been 2 years. Haven't had enough PT because of covid. I use a rollator on a good day for 5 mins at a time. Thanks for inspiring me to do what l can.

  4. I use a wheelchair when I have to go shopping. I have extreme vertigo. Why? Is because if I bend my head and back too far I will pass out start shaking out of control. I have collapsed in markets malls and most stores cuz I have to reach up to get things from top shelves and it starts and I collapse when I’m in a wheelchair I don’t have to bend and too I’m safe from falling. People don’t understand why I use a wheelchair only when I go shopping. I tell them you don’t want to have extreme vertigo.

  5. I have Dermatomyositis. It really effects my muscles. I have to wear oxygen 24/7 because Dermatomyositis has effected my breathing muscles. I do sometimes walk in some stores. The driving carts they have are huge. I am 4 foot 8 inches so having to sit all the way back on them is hard with my sore legs. I had an old lady confront me when we parked in the handicapped spot at a store. She said I was not handicapped. This was before I had gotten my oxygen out. Well in the store we went into that old lady was walking way way way faster than I ever could . I should have said back you are not handicapped. I would not do that because she could have an invisible illness of any kind. Thank you for the great videos.

  6. I am not a wheelchair user but the sitting down and doing squats sounds like a good idea. Just may need a pillow though because of the pain in my knees. My knees suck. I do everything I can to avoid squatting and if I have to go down on the floor, I am very careful to come back up. If I don't, it literally feels like my knees are being ripped apart and shredded to pieces. It is the most gut wrenching pain I have ever felt and I have almost hit the floor sometimes from it. Doctor's say there's nothing wrong with my knees and one did an exploratory surgery in one knee and said there was nothing wrong with it.

  7. As far as people judging you for having some movement and feeling in your legs, I think that’s ridiculous! Don’t let that stop you! Don’t hide what you can do! I kinda wish I had some movement or sensation but I don’t think I could deal with the pain that you have to deal with daily.

  8. Very informative video! I didn’t know anything about incomplete paralysis. I’ve been watching your videos for a while and they are always very interesting. I’m a paraplegic due to Spina Bifida so my paralysis is from birth and complete. Can you please do a video on effective upper body workouts and workouts I can do while sitting in bed?

  9. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I’m sure a wheelchair is in my near future.
    It would certainly be easier and less painful to go to work, events and food shopping with a chair, but they’re super expensive in Japan, so I just use a cane and suffer. 😂 😭

  10. I'm a wheelchair user due to undiagnosed neurological problems. It's so comforting to see people who move like me. Sometimes I also feel like I have to hide my full level ability out of fear of what people think.

  11. Oh the nerve pain is the worse, I sometimes jump when the pain starts and bite my lip so I won’t yell, or I’ll gasp from the sharpness of the pain. I’ll start moving my legs to help ease the pain and that’s when I’ll get the funny stares. If I’m sitting in my wheelchair to look my legs start going to sleep or cramping so I’m always having to move them around to stop the pain or numbness. But then if I’m in my walker standing too long I have to sit on the top bar of my walker because then my ankles start hurting. My ankles bones were fused together by the doctor to set them in place… I’m always in pain with my legs and feet

  12. I want to get my mum a wheelchair. She's had 8 hip surgeries, full prosthesis of the pelvis. A month ago, not fully recovered from her last surgery (doctors damaged a nerve), she got up to go to the bathroom and fell, breaking her femur in four. Her bone density is crap, and she's not getting any younger. There's always been the danger of falling, but now it's going to be worse. Thing is, I live in Peru. The wheelchairs I've seen are really expensive and big. I want to get her someone small but sturdy she can use in the house without bumping into things. I also thought about an electric wheelchair, cause she has arthritis, so the times she's used a wheelchair to travel or go shopping she would get a lot of pain in her hands. Any recommendations? Thanks.

  13. Not everyone who uses a wheelchair is paralyzed!!! I have medical conditions, I can walk, but the amount of medication needed to do so is no longer acceptable to me, so I use a chair about 70/30. When I’m having a good day and I can I do walk, but when I’m having a bad day I absolutely need my chair

  14. We all need to educate ourselves on differences in disability. I have a friend with EDS and sometimes people are very rude to him saying he doesn't deserve handicap parking, with some even going as far as saying he is "fine" and isn't disabled at all. Incomplete injuries, invisible disabilities and so many other things are judged by able-bodied and disabled people alike, and I wish it wasn't like that. Everybody is at a different level of ability, and nobody should ever question somebody else's life and abilities, and especially people should never assume things about people.

  15. I am not a wheelchair user, but I use a mechanic legbrace that goes from my hip to my foot on my left foot. People have actually asked me if I use it as a fashion statement! I was shocked that they would even think that I would us it for fun. I have suffered a cerebral hemmorage, and it's NOT fun. I thank you for your great videos, they really help me as well, even though I am not in a wheelchair. Thank you <3

  16. I'm in a chair because of ME, Lyme and POTS and people always look nasty and say nasty things when I stand up if there are a few steps or if a shop is too narrow. It's not fair, only about 70 to 80 percent of wheelchair users are parttime wheelchair users or not fully paralyzed users! I'm kinda used to it now and I try to educate rude people whenever I can. ❤ Also through my youtube channel (in Dutch). 💕 I can't do workouts like this but I can do 1 or 2 numbers with Just Dance and people immediately call me a faker, but I could never walk a full day of theme park fun!

  17. Thank you for this and re-emphasizing the uniqueness of each person's injury. Like you my SCI is incomplete and after years of self-designed at home PT I'm able to stand and walk short distances. But as independent as I am at home, I doubt I could walk from my car into a retail store and then shop. Having said that, any efforts at exercises/movements produces positive results. Even in small increments.

  18. The title of this video angers me. Not everyone who’s in a wheelchair is paralysed. People who can walk can be in a wheelchair just cos they seem fine doesn’t mean they are. Chronic illness like MS and FND means they could walk one minute and not a few hours later. Be more open minded instead of being judgemental dicks

  19. This is one of the very best videos you’ve done. To address both physical and mental health is a huge help to so many people. I love “it’s your life… the only permission you need is the permission you give yourself.” Hard to remember some times, but SO important. And the exercises are great! Once again… Thanks for these!

  20. I am able to walk short distances with a cane,but I use a Walker for longer ones. I can totally relate to the the pain ,I get pain in my lower back and hips and thighs,I also have migraines and people just don't understand why I can't do things on a certain day but can on other days.I found the examples of the variations of the exercises very interesting and helpful. I will definitely be trying them out.

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