1. 29:58 I really like this documentary, but I am also very disappointed and disgusted that they FAKED the interview with congressman Ron Paul. I know for a fact that in this particular interview, mister Paul said that NICOTINE is the most addictive drug in the country and NOT alcohol as the makers of this documentary want to make you believe. You can also see that they tried to mask this, because right at that moment they switch camera's. In the audio, you cannot really here this.

  2. A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem: Great documentary exposing Evil pharmaceutical Industry greed. Since when do you lose your mind after enjoying a bud. After you finish a cannabis cigarette are you supposed to lose your education, your experience and lose control of your behavior. It's ridiculous how cannabis is portrayed. The mendacity of Hollywood movies and the American government films are nothing but bullshit. Bullshit is a type of lying that means they say things they don't believe in. Remember this phrase from the Pharmaceutical Industry "Every Poison should be considered a Medicine and every Medicine should be considered a Poison.

  3. A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem: Cannabis is a gift from GOD. This documentary should be shown on Television every day for a week so everyone on the flat earth knows the truth. Knowing the truth sets you free. Smoking cannabis keeps you healthy.

  4. You want your help get off GMO food fluoride water chemical trails war Abortion famine drugs alcohol Cigarets economical warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5G radio microwave radiation, turmeric cbd , Wild prickly lettuce,. And heal your body from all their trash.

  5. Why has the view count gone down again? I've seen this go down several times. Why is that? I can't remember the highest count I've seen but it was about 1million views, now it shows 8700, what gives?

  6. Yeah could you know why because it was fake exactly why I'm afraid if we put it in the pharmaceutical companies hands and they make the fake going to end up doing the same thing I don't understand why we cannot have the real thing when it doesn't hurt nobody Miller president is trying right now but his little buddies behind the doors that work with him in the government office they're all bullshitters and deserve to die in my opinion this is my opinion by the government they all have us buy a puppet string controlling our asses but I'm not going to take that puppet screwpop again. The government was just made to control the proper operation they don't care about the human beings it's all about prophet in control

  7. I appreciate the history what's wrong with this US country and then turn white all over people like to believe in the propaganda it's not true cannabis doesn't hurt no one at all am I thought the people that want to believe that it kills or it's the brain cells or hurts the self my point is all the non-believers can f*** off even my own dad even says it's medicine he even told me not to believe my own family when it comes down to cannabis because me and him are right it's a medicine not a drug and that's a shame everybody wants to believe in the government propaganda instead of doing the research and educating themselves I honestly think Nationwide the education school districts Helotes town and lied to us about history about how medicine works the old-school can believe what they want to believe but we all know the facts

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