1. A dispensary lists "so called" health benefits and you believe them ??. Honey, the cannabis industry is the new BIG TOBACCO of the 21 century. Outside of CBD, cannabis has NO medicinal value, it is an intoxicant with dangerous psychiatric consequences. It relieves some pain, but so does Alcohol, and we don't call that medicine. There is no such thing as medical marijuana, I suggest you watch Alex Berenson's conference videos where he lists studies from real scientists and mental health practitioners that are not connected with the weed industry.

  2. Your spirituality shows in your work, I can tell that you enjoy just being alive and into knowing yourself. I enjoy listening to your views, and literally hearing your mind evolve. I currently smoke alot of weed, ive tried to quit a few times with harsh relapse, (mainly me smoking to catch up to the smoke I didn't have while sober lol). I find that if I keep busy and focus I don't feel the need to smoke. It's funny because I didn't smoke until I was 24 and I'm 31 now, I'm happy I didn't smoke in high school(probably burn out all my brain cells). I'm happy you're growing though, thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

  3. (Just got done typing, this is gone be long, but I pray that you give this a read)

    Hey, I know this goes against the topic of the video, but I'ma just say it straight up. God is real, and from your videos I see that you have a relationship with him (have heard him talk to you, etc.), but so is the devil. And he definitely wants you to keep weed in your life. The only true way to break free from weed is surrendering to Jesus. Pray everyday, multiple times a day, for the Holy Spirit to convict you in your heart to quit weed. To show you that getting high IS wrong. And read the bible daily (devil DEFINITELY doesn't want you to do that).

    I live in Chicago and I'm 19 (black male) I've been on and off for weed for a while too (started smoking at 15), and lemme tell you straight up, like most other things in life, it's a spiritual battle, for real for real. Weed opens you up to demonic influence (ever noticed certain things that you wouldn't care for while sober, all of a sudden entice you when you're high? That "paranoia". That anxiety. That's not of God). Weed is worldly, like, extremely worldly. It's been countless times I've watched a movie or listened to a secular song sober, and wasn't feeling it at all, but watching that same movie or listening to that same song while lit, I just felt so connected and understanding. I didn't wanna make this super long lmao, but as you have experienced yourself, even knowing good and dang well weed just ain't it, it pulls you back in. And since you're spiritual, lets keep it real, it's the devil trying to keep it in your life. And of course he's gonna try any and every way to deceive you into keeping it around. It's been plenty of times after I've gotten REALLY close to God, and then relapsed, I heard clear as day demonic voices, I've gotten fearful feelings, all types of crazy thoughts, and a lot of other stuff.

    Overall though, the most important advice I can give you is to SEEK Jesus, seek him with all your heart. Ask for him to reveal himself to you, pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit (which weed quenches), and READ THE BIBLE. It's called the "Sword of the Spirit" for a reason. Trust me, I know quitting weed is a STRUGGLE, I'm going through it right now. You can't defeat the devil through your own power. He's the master deceiver, father of all lies. The ONLY way is through the intervention of Jesus. If you ever want to talk, just hit me up on here. I'ma definitely be praying for you, even if you feeling that you finally got it figured out now and that it's ok to smoke. I love you.

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