Walking the Pepper Path 2020 — Part 1

A tour of some of the hot pepper varieties growing in pots in our 2020 front yard hot pepper garden in Minneapolis, MN. Correction: M.A. Yellow Wartryx was …


  1. My Jalepenos just finished so I decided to eat one and my head just about blew off lol. I don’t eat spicy things very often that’s why it’s super hot for me but like rob can eat a jalepeño like a hot cheeto probably 👍

  2. Looking really good! Thanks for the update. Have you tried using self-wicking pots with the addition of some hydro nutrients to the bottom reservoir? The plants get huge quickly and it's less work because of less watering.

  3. I had a red ghost pepper plant I half-heartedly grew over the summer someone gave me back in the spring. Now I have a gallon freezer bag crammed full of bright red ghost peppers . The plants seem to be heavy producers. I froze the peppers as I don’t eat anything hotter than a cayenne. I’ll give them away I suppose if I find someone brave enough to eat them. lol

  4. Big fan of yours Rob. Im a novice grower and this year was my first time growing peppers. Im taking it slow just doing 2 tobasco's and 2 Jalapeno. Aphids almost ruined everything but I took your ladybug advice and they saved the day. Have lots of healthy peppers now. Me and my wife both enjoy your videos and your music. Keep up the great work!!

  5. Rob, I think I screwed up.
    I have 8 Hot pepper varieties growing and I've used an organic compost slightly mixed with an all rounder organic potting mix.
    (I stupidly didn't do much research) Do you think I should redo each pot with a premium potting mix & add perlite.
    The plants currently look okay but I'm thinking this much compost may be too much.
    just wondering your thoughts?
    Love your channel and the content you provide. After watching how you mix potting mix & perlite etc It got me thinking I'm not giving my plants what they deserve.
    Thanks Rob

  6. Haircut looking great✌will be binging on your channel for sure to catch anything I may have missed. VERY interested in growing pods especially some of the wild birds eye varieties.

  7. Just wondering if the pods you're growing are cross pollenated from being in close contact with each other and from bees flies and other pollenators travelling about and doing what they do? I've got some ghost pods that are bright orange like a hab and some other odd variations with my scorpions

  8. Pause video, say to myself hey I live in good ol Minnesota too, say to old Harley cuz that's what I say when I talk to myself, hey I also grow super hot pods and Love the capsaicin sensation! Hit subscribe and like and resume watch. Thanks and👍✌🖖

  9. The chest cam was better than I would have expected if you mentioned that up front, I actually loved getting up close and into the pepper plants. I just got my first 7 pot seeds and can't wait to finally grow some superhots, the hottest I've grown up to this point have been either my chocolate habanero's or my thai chili's.

  10. I don't normally comment but I've been following your channel for a while now and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for seeds. I've ordered a few but they're not what they're said to be. Could be a fluke but I'd like to get a lot of really good varieties.

  11. I think the body cam worked out fine. Got the peppers in focus and that is what really matters.

    Glad to see I am not the only one who gets disappointed by seeds! Some seeds I saved from last year (Chocolate Trinidad 7 Pot) I think got crossed but that one is on me and not a seed supplier.

  12. I saved my tiny ghost pepper plant from death and it now a beautiful little pepper tree and it’s producing flowers but….. the flowers have no pollen in them so the flowers die, what could be going on?

  13. Great tour Rob, I look forward to part 2. I had to cover my 100+ plants on Monday night due to a frost warning and I believe I’ll need to again Thu night. My plants still have loads of pods that aren’t ripe. We’ve had terrible wind this week which has knocked over some plants snapping pods off. I’ve set them on my counter hoping they’ll ripen. My kitchen table is currently full of ripe pods I harvested yesterday. A few more batches of hot sauce, some for dehydration and the remainder will be vacuum sealed and frozen for later use. Stay safe and best of luck with your harvest.

  14. At 8:04 when talking about the CAP 1141 bird peppers, you said they just fall off the calyx when ripe, do you know if mata frade peppers do the same? I'm growing them this year, inspired by your Favorite Red Hot Peppers video.

  15. Awesome video! Can't wait for part 2! So much pepper envy hehe. The only "bad" part about videos like these is that I find more interesting varieties I want to grow, but I only have a ~6 x 11 foot balcony and already have a bunch of seeds for varieties I have yet to grow. I guess I should take notes and make a queue system 😀

  16. My peppers pods was slow growing and putting on ~ So Last week i broke off or Snap off, all the branches on my pepper plants that wasn't producing fruit! Plus any new growth. IT TO LATE FOR NEW GROWTH! This was a experiment! ~ WOW there really putting on now, and growing very fast! So i would recommend doing this! B4 your to late, to do it > they need 2 months to ripen out. This was tested on> Green chili, Cayenne and Orange Habanero peppers ~ WOW a big difference! each node got like 5 pepper pods growing on them, in a cluster WOW AWESOME Its like the plants came to life! and EXPLODED ! There drinking water like crazy to!

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