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  1. This is going to sound weird. I live near you and I’ll totally organise your makeup like it would totally calm me just to meet you and organise everything fuuuucks sake haha honest to fuck I would do it without you there ha haha x Barrheed organising weirdo, I’m studying to be an accountant. But man I would love to do that!!

  2. When I lived in Linwood, I used to have a season ticket to the Clyde Valley garden centers and Cardwell bay!!!! Here we have Glendoik but haven't been yet…….. OMG what I would do in a make up room like that… I'd be trying out all the products be like being in Heaven lol!!! oxoxo

  3. Hi Jamie, I’ve always enjoyed your videos, but it was a bit disappointing to hear you say that when you hurt your back that you’re, “useless”. There are many people with injuries or disabilities that are unable to do many things, (let alone sit on the floor and clean and tidy an entire room), but it doesn’t render them useless. No shade – just offering a perspective of how that can potentially affect some people with disabilities that watch your content. 🖤

  4. Jamie, your make up when you take the mask off is literally untouched 🤣
    Do you have any tips on how to maintain it? Thank you in advance from an NHS worker fed up of having a red nose🤣🤪

  5. I’m not sure if you have them in Scotland but here in the USA at Walmart we have these foot booties there these foot slippers you put on for a hr and take them off and your feet peel about 4 days later amazing !

  6. Such a beautiful Garden centre. Everyone is excited about being able to leave the house, I've been working 6 nights a week 14hr shifts since the lockdown and all i want to do to stay hoooome! LMAO.

  7. I’ve got 2 bulging discs and work in a care home. I swear by a chiropractor for back care and maintenance. So glad you got to get out, your food looked lovely. I took a drip to Nando’s and it was so worth it! Xx

  8. Hi Jamie, such a big fan and love the blogs so so much and I love particularly how much you care for the animals in this one, what I wanted to ask though is have you ever considered not eating meat? It's just I can see how much you care for animals and you care about them when they feel poorly or might be harmed but I know I used to be the same, would always care for and love farm animals or injured wild animals, but I still ate them for a long time and contributed to the industries that actively hurt and killed these animals because it was 'what I grew up with' and what was considered 'normal'. This is not me trying to be 'preachy' please believe me, I just think it's always good to check ourselves as I had to and think if I love these animals and can see they think and feel and I want to help them then why do I eat them, why do I contribute to their deaths? I only say it because I can see that you care for animals like with Juno and Drogba, but also with the sheep and the birds and once I myself realised there's no difference than those who get farmed for meat I changed my life and have felt so much happier about it. Love you and your videos. <3 hope you're okay xx

  9. When lockdown is totally lifted I can’t wait to get a holiday booked in as I have worked from the day we went into lockdown! Just to maybe go to caravan to spend time with my boyfriend and meet up with friends again and have a bit of normality nn☺️☺️xxxx

  10. I binge watched Money Heist. I finished it and it was fabulous! I was late for work bc I would stay up all night watching it. I would also set it up so I could watch while showering. I feel your pain.

  11. You should watch "locked up" its a female prison show some of the same cast as money heist and its even better!! Watch it in Spanish with subtitles. I bing watched it in 2 weeks AMAZING. its on 4od

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