US man in Bali prison for medical marijuana possession

William La Jeunesse reports on if the White House may step in after the family of Christian Beasley expresses concern for his safety in Indonesia.


  1. Why did he "reefer" to it as "Gunja" if he's a "medical cannabis" patient?.
    Also, Bali won't allow opiates for the most chronic conditions, surely that is an issue for the UN.
    The treatment of humans there is dastardly, bastardly, devoid of empathy, compassion, reason or morals….
    Never! do you hear of a person caught for "trafficking" being asked "who gave it to you?"… One can only speculate.
    One's country asks you for your life in it's defence yet should one find onesvself at the mercy of one's own country's enemy,….one will soon see how much one really means to one's own country Then!
    France went to war because of the ill treatment of one of it's citizens abroad…
    Governments today betray their citizens to their enemies… If fact invite their enemies to live among their own placid peoples waiting to gain more power and leverage against it's own peoples.
    One can only speculate or have an educated guess as to why that is so…
    "Power currupts…."

  2. Find out who he and his father voted for. If they voted for Hillary then let Bill and Hillary bribe the Indonesians with all the Clinton foundation pay for play money. Otherwise no more helping ungrateful liberals like what happened in China. Let them rot.

  3. Poster child for going overseas with "medicinal" marijuana.  Again, our laws DO NOT APPLY in other countries.  Do your homework first.  Try doing it again in Bali with the same amount if you have NOT learned your lesson.

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