Update : Flowering 🌱 Growing CANNABIS At HOME

Growing CANNABIS AT Home Backyard Grow In todays outdoor cannabis grow we are cruising right along in flower! Since my last update I have just been …


  1. Nice outdoor grow! I planted an Afghani and OG 18 straight up in the ground around ending of may! Right now they are about 10 feet tall😂 I was getting worried they were going to get higher then my house 😂

  2. I think you should start using organic nutrients that you mix into the soil I bet you would have way better results and you will have way better control over your grow all you have to do is water when they need it adjust your light accordingly try to keep the temperature in your grow in between 75 and 79 degrees and I bet you that will work very well and you will love that a whole lot more

  3. Foliar spray while it’s early use some rosy Mary and Dr. Castle soap peppermint. Try to make sure spider mites don’t start getting to your plant some bug you can’t see doesn’t mean they not there. Spray the plant down before it’s gets deeper into flower…

  4. I think you might really benefit from using recharge. You should look into it. Can be added to any feeding regimen. All beneficial bacteria and microbs. Helps the root zone. Looking nice.

  5. Spiders eat the spider mites. So do flies and grasshoppers. Those are the good bugs. Another reason why I don't use pesticides on my ladies. You should try going all natural. Get your own dirt and add natural fertilizers to it.

  6. Just watched a video by K. Kushman & according to him “any truly low buds that aren’t going get much sunlight should be taken off” (to move waisted plant energy to prime light bud sites). 🙋🏽‍♀️& gave the vid a👍

  7. Hey sac sis…!…ur plants r a lovely green 😍!!..and they look really good…added the increase of nutes and molasses to me girls and so far so good…i was dumb 😓 nervous after applying 😬 it……😆

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