Trichomes Under a USB Microscope – Gorilla Grow (CBD-PhenoHunt)

This is my ACMPR Grow Journey won’t you join me? . . This episode was filmed inside a 5×5 shorty Gorillagrow tent, I have …


  1. Could of used some more commentary bro. It's always cool to look at tricomes close up but if I wanted to do that I could just look at my plants for 10 minutes straight. How about info on where your at and how close to harvest when your filming the different stages or different photos. Would've been mad more helpful! Just sayn…..

  2. I found through an old hippy friend is just knowing the right time before they just start to turn amber. It’s something gained over time. It’s the difference between couch lock ( unless you’re growing an Indica strain) and having the best bud.

    Last but not least to me the most important part, so many growers I see because they are in it only for profit is not curing their buds properly.

    Let me know your thoughts?!

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