1. How is catatonia in schizophrenia, and bipolar, and even severe depression not a neurological disease, psychiatrist are even prescribing anti epilepsy drugs, at moderate doses, which have shown great efficacy in the latter two given with anti psychosis. These conditions are also even treated with ECT, an electric induced seizure? We have even had decent research that shows hypernormal or slow waves in schizophrenia on EEG. Similar things have been seen in bipolar as well.the overlap demands to be investigated.

  2. This is absolute BS. This man has no idea of what he's talking about and you can be sure that he certainly has never healed anyone of anything. Stress DOES NOT CAUSE EPILEPSY! if it did all the world would have epilepsy.
    I had epilepsy for 30 years almost every day and night!
    I healed when I stopped believing in clinical psychology and in neurology.
    How many people do you know who have been healed of any kind of epilepsy?
    Have you ever met one?
    Shrinks don't even want to talk with people who heal because then they have to admit they understand noting! They are afraid of people who have healed.
    All epilepsy can be healed. all of it.
    That cannot happen if you go to psychologists.
    Psychology pathologizes people it NEVER heals anyone of anything.
    Ultimately clinical psychology is a "faith", it's a "belief" a cult.
    When you stop believing in it you can heal.

  3. I strongly believe I’ve been having them but my doctor won’t listen to me and said that she wouldn’t give me a neurologist referral because they didn’t sound like full on grand mal seizures (idk if that’s how you spell it)

  4. I’ve self diagnosed my PNES with the help of my sister who worked in the neurology department at Johns Hopkins. People told me I was faking it or that it’s not as severe as I made it out to be. But it’s the only thing that makes sense and validates me symptoms. I’m so glad there’s people out there like me and can help justify that I’m not just crazy.

  5. I have PNES had to go to the ER for an unrelated illness. While there, I had an episode and the NURSES, not 1 but 3, told me to knock it the hell off and that I was " scaring the staff". Educated yourselves people. That kind of treatment is NOT OK.

  6. I've come out of a left template lobe surgery in February last year, I had 33-35 a day, after the epilepsy surgery I am still having them up to 9-12 a day, although some days I have none..
    I take 4000 epilem, and 1000 lamotrogen per day. Puss some others, I really want to try to off them but not sure, some say different to others. I've had the whole kit and caboodle in this so nothing I haven't tried or done..
    I'm 33 and can have no kids as these tablets cause higher risk to myself and child when born, I've been told what the child could get as not many are 100%

  7. I live in the Caribbean. There was no help for me here, so I travelled to the US and decided to get a Medical Alert Service Dog who also works for me as an Emotional Support Animal as treatment for my ailments. I refused all meds, and still don't take any. My pup works for me. There are challenges with a working animal, but the benefits outweight all the bad times. My Depression, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia Symptoms have improved alot and Yoga and Meditation also help greatly. I can live my life at home here in the Caribbean and not have to seek out costly medical treatment and consults internationally. Also my pup alerts me to a seizure and does Deep Compression Therapy as well as he licks me as stimulation to end the seizures faster. And he does simple tasks for me while i wait the few mins it takes for the Todd's paralysis to wear off. He also tasks if i have a seizure while sleeping and alerts my Husband or Kids. He tasks and disrupts my nervous behavious and keeps me aware of my stress levels at all times. All in all I only have a seizure after long stressed periods, whereas, a year or so ago i would have mulitple daily. My Xavier, (Black Cockerspaniel) is the best thing that has happened to me for a long while. By the way – we work with trainers continuously, perfecting our Handler/Service Dog lifelong partnership.

  8. So why if it's PNES have I been on life support twice due to pulmonary arrest, 2 aspiration pneumonias and have broken 9 bones since '09 during seizures. I am incontinent of urine…I had 4 cerebral blood vessels embolized in '03 which didn't go well, septic shock, elevated CSF constantly…..very sick. 2009 had 1st seizure while calmly working?

  9. This information is vital for those dealing with PNES. Neurologists need to know it too! It is a terribly surprising thing to experience and try to figure out. The name isn't one that you would intuitively research. The remedy is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with a trained trauma specialist. It may reveal a single trauma able to be worked through in a couple months. Or, it may be the onset of PTSD as amnesia clears, memories and flashbacks begin, and traumas that recurred over a long time are slowly recalled as if re-living them. EMDR works great to reduce the intensity of flashbacks. Grounding tools help us reduce our own stress and stay present. CBT rewires the brain to file those memories away where they are not so troublesome anymore but remain as ugly, but relatively small in time, parts of our life's history.

  10. My father is a psychiatrist. He told me that people with PNES can also have epileptic seizures. In fact, some of their medication can cause a seizures. The problem with PNES is that it's hard to know which is which. So, a person with PNES, as the video explains, needs to see a regular doctor (primary), nerurologist, and a psychiatrist at the same time. it's not difficult to treat provided that the person suffering from PNES does not take offense of the word and it's meaning. And, as long that they know that their "seizures" (real or not) IS NOT FAKE.

  11. I've been having seizures for 2 years and my neurologist said that it was PNES. all through 12th grade I was told I was faking them. that I was just doing it for attention. so I didn't want to go back to school so I was homeschooled. then I went to a new school and they said I was faking them and just doing it for attention. after school I got a job and had 2 seizures and they told me that I couldn't come back. so my life I've been told that I was faking them and doing it all just to get attention. and I'm not faking them and doing it for attention. so you in their right mind would want to go and fake a seizure.

  12. See: youtube seizures caused by propofol It's an allergy reaction caused by propofol and other drugs given our minor daughter while having her wisdom teeth removed. Our daughter has been living with non epileptic seizures for the past (almost 5 months) We are trying Dr. Bruce Davis in Edmonds Wa (he is a craniopath). Our daughter walked for the first time without pain after the first treatment. email if you'd like more info. Firstjohn4eight@aol.com

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