1. @3:51
    I have epilepsy, lost my license in 2015, I decided to use marijuana because the seizure medication would make my teeth fall out.
    No seizures in 5 years…
    I smoke all day, helps keep me calm and I have an eating disorder. When I drive I use CBD hemp. It is LEGAL to smoke in public because it's not Marijuana.
    It's really sad you guys are actually trying to sell this snake oil advice to educated people with PhDs.
    I'm going to watch this whole video and point out every lie. If I have to time I'll make my own video.

  2. @3:10
    Nobody asks if you were smoking a cigarette after a car accident.. there's no data to even look at. Also most people have been smoking cigarettes since they were in highschool so they have a tolerance.
    Fresh marijuana users have zero tolerance tolerance for it. They get too high and crash.

    I don't smoke cigarettes, but if I lit one and trust to drive and smoked the whole cigarette my head would be spinning and I would puke.

    What are you talking about?

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