Talking Bitcoin with Jimmy Song, Thomas Hunt, & Adam Meister in Las Vegas! Scams, history, much more

This was such a fun day and a great Bitcoin event! Back when people did not force themselves into panic prisons. Old school Bitcoin heads joking around and …


  1. After seeing this space tainted with a bunch of Scammer and Fugazi tech of the week defi and nft it's a breath of fresh air to see rational people talking about bitcoin.

  2. Have you smoked weed? The only right thing is Bitcoin Core Coin, anything else is a scam. P2P transactions not even part of the implementation. 7 transactions per second, and will take over the entire world. I would like to see you flying, Jimmy… Real rational thinking. The emperor wears no clothes. Just 30 pounded the like button; emphasizing the lack of importance of what you were babbling about in this "mad bitcoin show".

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