shashi tharoor और acharya balkrishna आखिर क्यों marijuana यानी गांजे को वैध कराना चाहते हैं

After patanjali ceo and baba ramdevs close aide acharya balkrishna shashi tharoor asks marijuana to be legalised in india Produced By: The Lallantop Edited …


  1. अबे भोसरी लोग इसका नाशा करने लगे है नही तो ये आयुर्वेद में औषधि के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता रहा है ।

  2. Bhang was banned by rajiv gandi.. To make way for pharmaceutical companies and alcohol/beer companies to enter the indian market. Earlier people would use small quantity of bhang to treat their common and uncommon diseases.. To force them to be dependent on english medicines gov. wiped out bhang first. Same was done for creating alcohol mkt.
    Becharey shankar ji ne to iske gun dekh kar isko propagate kiya tha jaise vishnu ji ko tulsi chadhhta h usi tarah sjankar ji ko bhang ka patta chadhta h… Unfortunately gajeriyo ne apne mazey k liye uss bholey ko hi badnaam kar diya.. Shankar nasha mahi karte thay… Par 'bholey' logon pe bill fadna asan bhi to hota h.

  3. Marijuana is is actually classified as herb plant. People refer to it from different names depending upon their culture. Technically it is called Cannabis. Ganja is just a sanskrit word for dried buds of cannabis plant. It is also called as Weed. The only difference between Marijuana and Ganja is that Ganja is usually made from the top leaves and unfertilized flower of young female plant but Marijuana consists flowers and leaves of both the male and female plants. On the other hand, Food and edible items created from the plant and it’s leaves is called Bhang. It is just a natural intoxicant made from marijuana leaves and seeds of flowers.

  4. Lallantop please do research on it…America banned it in India but not in USA….they are still studying on it for cancer….
    But mera India Ayurveda Ko chhod Raha hai

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