1. Also since I'm a new grower, could you do a vid on led lights and how many you can fit under 300 to 600w spacing and how much you can yld off 8 plants under led that's if you grow with led

  2. Hey love your vids, you def go into depth and not too fast with your explanations of why you do things for us new growers…but I would def suggest you get some silica for your plants to make them strong as an ox…

  3. Wow that's the first time I've ever heard somebody on one of these YouTube show asked me what would you like to see what we would like to see is the second week of flower to understand how the bud swell takes hold and show a product that actually swells the butt rather than pinching it each time we think that is old news there's got to be a better way maybe you guys can find it or figure it out or make it happen who knows let's see where it goes hahaha thanks a lot really enjoyed the show

  4. We really enjoyed your show✨ boy is M buds ever so big they're growing out of contro🔅l you got it going on son showing off your skills have good you got it huh that's what I'm talking about much Growers 💚

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