Parents arrested for treating teen's seizures with marijuana

The Reveal – The 15-year-old was taken into state custody and within hours was hospitalized.


  1. UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE,!!! What kind of MORONS are running the state of Georgia anyway?!!? 1.5 grams of marijuana, used for medical purposes to treat a rare case of seizures (that actually helps this kid)… What century are the politicians living in down there anyway??? The bag that contained the pot was more than likely included in the weighing of the "stash" as well, because that's the way they usually do it so that the cops don't have to touch the contents. This is probably the most pathetic news storie I think I've EVER heard of,!!!

  2. Marijuana laws are fake, they're designed to attack minorities, Richard Nixon's own aid even admitted it, the only reason we still think it's illegal is because of how anal the law is, fact of the matter is that marijuana isn't a danger to anyone that can consent to taking it

  3. We have got to get back control of government wanting to regulate everything. Its a usefull plant and this government has basically exterminated it over the last century. And many other nations followed suit. Same thing is happening to vaping being demonized.

  4. I've been on many anti-seizure meds over the years. They all have long-term side effects. I wish I had the option of medicating with marijuana.
    I also have herniated discs (post surgery) I still have pain. I wish I could legally treat with marijuana. For now I suffer because I fear becoming addicted to opioids. It's insane.

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