Outdoor grow update – training cannabis for yield – pollenating plants

This is a update of all grows. Defoliation of the sanlight tent, making feminized seeds and autoflower update. 🤦‍♂️Disclaimer: This video is for educational and …


  1. I’m sure that cold weather brought out some nice colors, some purple colors!! I had a couple really cold nights and the two Grandaddy purple plants I have outdoors both turned really purple!!! Such beautiful Plants dude!!🤩💯✌️

  2. Rock Solid Broski! Everything looks Great and Sounds Sweet! Your Outdoor is Starting to Pack on that Produce! Love the Tipz!!! Those Indoors also looks Spot On and Too Tight! Growing out and Getting Big! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Famz!!! Much Props, Pars, Plants, Methods, Tipz, Techniques and Topz!💯🌞🌳'z⬆+⛺'s💡's🌱🌲🌳'z⬆=🏆×🔥💣💥🎆🎉🍻💚😁😉😎💪👊✊👍✌

  3. Does the bad weather for a week makes your buds mature a week later or the end stays the same? So does a 9 weeks becomes a 10 weeks or it stays at 9 weeks and you simply lost some yield?

  4. Tried putting a plant outside this year up here in Canada and boy was it rough. The humidity got really high all of a sudden while the temps dropped and suddenly got bud rot so had to harvest early. Also had caterpillars, spiders, mice, slugs, and gnats. A warmer, less humid environment is a luxury for cannabis growers I guess.

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