No Holds Barred: How To Make Delta 8

Are you curious about what is this Delta 8 you’ve been hearing about? well you are in luck! Dr Jon Thompson explains everything about Delta 8 from what its …


  1. i weigh 152 lbs and i take 33-44mg at once of delta 8, its takes 2-3 hours for it to kick in. i use urb nano drops from liftedmade….and taking that much gets me high af it feel just like kush but i do not get that lazy heavy feeling that you would get from kush. but i only use it once a week either on friday or saturday then i take a 6 day break and use it again on the seventh day or eight day

  2. I wish all of these failing hemp farmers would watch this and stop throwing their flowers away.
    extraction like this is the next logical step. convert your cbd into tastey delta 8 hemp farmers.

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