Mars Hydro White Widow Ep.2 Lollipopping & Deleafing (veg stage)

This video covers the veg stage of the white widow plants from seed. We perform a lollipopping and deleafing on the plants, also remove one of the plants …


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  2. Wayyy too much defoliation imo, a lot of stress on the plant and susceptible to bacterial infections for that period, also what could of caused the mutation in the growth of that 1 branch you showed. Cut the bigger fan leaves at the top and bottom thn let about 7 inches of of green grow on branches. 🚀🚀

  3. Keep it up man. Total bummer for your out door. My self in northern Ontario, out door has to be green house Or on a lake shore but by the lake still might not buy you enough time to finish. Any hoot, cheers.

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