1. the cannabis industry has to many scumbag greedy mfkers i cant do business with people like that atleast the dispensary has good shtt unlike all these backyard bs growers that dont even know aloe vera is good for weed plants

  2. Cannot get a license, looking for property in another county.. Local "medical" growers are struggling/disappearing/no way for locals to profit :/ Not to mention increased crime/meth, I've had to put cameras everywhere 7K worth of stuff stolen from my property in the last year.

  3. ty kevin i learned a lot from you,,,,i got 10 strains i can legally work here in Canada i got seeds from Tweed before they reduced to only 2 strains i saved them i knew they were going to pull them out,,,,,i was told i do what i wanted with these i beening having tons of set baks but i found one that got all the traits ,pest, root resistance clones in 10 days

  4. Always factual, direct and grounded with experience … that's what made me grow to respect Kevin so much over the years… his projections always universal wherever you cultivate… thank you for making and posting this priceless info..✌💚

  5. Thank you 🙏🏻 I’ve been distantly taught by you for 5 years now, you have no idea how much you’ve helped change my life with your consistent information. Keep it coming and we will keep implementing these great facts into our growing community. I’m a hemp farmer in Oregon, if there’s ever a way to get call or just shoot some shit with ya let me know.

  6. Who's fault is it that the LCD believes "hydro" is quality and "dirtweed" is trash?

    Who's responsible for promoting the near useless thc molecule as the end-all of potency?

    Kevin throws me for a loop acting like his network of "friends" (dependent needy diaperbabies) hold no influence.. Nah you only held the price at 8k/lb for hydro trash in the 90s, you obviously don't have any say so in Cannabis other than $$$

    This dude doesn't believe half of what he says. With his busted ass taste buds and rotted out Gen Hydro stained brain

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  8. Word's of Wisdom from the OG Kevin Jodrey. Sativa dom for life Brother. Thank you for your time. You're always educating the masses Sir. You're highly respected by everyone who really knows you Greenthumb.

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