Is CBD oil safe for DOGS?- Should you use CBD oil for your dog?

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  1. Hi there! I was wondering if you could give me any advise. I have an 11 y.o. Siberian Husky that just received a DX of Histiocytic Sarcoma, she's still active and still haves good body function, blood work were also great. We turned down the option of surgery and chemo due to the fact we tried that approach with our past dog and he died within 10 days even if he had a 6mo prognosis. 

    Now I'm looking for best way to boost her immune system and control the pain, is there any product that you would trust for you're dog to refer to me, please ?

  2. My huaband and i foster a dog who came from an abuse/neglect situation. He was so scared he hid under our bed for the first month only coming out for bathroom and food. Once we started on cbd and he realized we werent going to hurt him, he has become an amazing dog. We will be adopting him because hehas changed our life and we need him as much as he needed us. Cbd made most of yhis possible.💙🐾

  3. Probably ~6 years ago I used to give my old lab vapor from MJ. Like many labs who get attached to 1 person in the household, she loved my mom and would always lay down next to her. Eventually I would just open the container of MJ and she would leave my mom and come to me (which would never happen for anything other than food/MJ). I would exhale towards her, she would then like clockwork go eat her food, roll around, then goto sleep. She had bad arthritis and it really helped her.

  4. Kinda disappointed in this video and I watch every video you post. You didnt really talk about anything other than your opinion. To be honest it sounded more like a sales promo. Also I have left three messages for you and have gotten absolutely zero calls back in over a months time. Kinda losing faith here

  5. We rescued a German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog mix with tins of anxiety issues. I used this same brand and it works so well. You get better and quicker results if you put the oil right in their mouth. Putting it their food is good, but with severe cases, put it directly in the mouth. Thanks for the info!!

  6. I gave my dog CBD oil for his auto immune skin condition but it wasn't strong enough to help him. So now I give him one Indica gummy one hour before bedtime. It helps keep him asleep for the night so I can sleep.

  7. I have a 12 year old Pug that suffers from Dementia. I am human and some days forget to add her CBD to breakfast and she literally just paces the floor without it. It makes her older years more comfortable and helps with her brain fog… love this product and these people… I have tried several companies and these folks are THE BEST.

  8. Used cbd treats for our GSD 1 year old female while traveling for her increased stress and anxiety. She was out of her element and unable to settle. Worked like a charm! Later, was able to use it while in her first heat/season to help relieve her uncomfortableness. Love love love! What a difference

  9. I ordered this before for my anxious fur baby. Unfortunately, I just found out it is ILLEGAL in my county and I could be arrested if I purchase this! I’m so sad because there’s nothing harmful in this, and it was such a great help! 😢

  10. Very good information. I am going to try it (for my dogs). I have talked with you about my challenging rough collie and this might help.

    I really thought if I gave this to my dogs they would insist on wearing a tie dyed collar, eat half their weight in Milk Bones and dig up my old Pink Floyd cd!! But now I have a much better understanding of what it is and how it could help an anxious dog. Glad you addressed this topic.

  11. CBD has saved our lives/his from a very aggressive 125 IBs American Pit 🙂 Mahalo Nui (thank u) you're an amazing trainer it's wonderful and heartfelt to watch you in action! Aloha & Blessings to u from Hawaii 🙂

  12. Okay I have a question about the CBD oil, I have a black German Shepherd that I adopted she is 5 years old. She was a police dog in Czechoslovakia but failed a test and a couple brought her out to the states. They put a shock collar on her in turn it all the way up and damaged her hair follicles and has White hair where the shock collar was. I checked her pedigree before they got her and she was pure black. She also had a C-section before I got her that was botched, they also let her swallow balls and Bone shards and I believe she's got some scar tissue in your rectum because she whines and cries when she has to have a bowel movement. She has fear aggression also and is extremely dog aggressive, she also Barks A Lot in the car. What milligram would you suggest for her she weighs about 66 pounds? I actually have been trying to get her over her dog aggression taking her to dog park and she's doing pretty well except for she is so dominant and went after a dog that was not dominant it all. And there were all kinds of dogs and their dog park and she singled out the one. And yes I worked really hard to getting her to this point I had to take her on the other side of the fence before I could even think of letting her in the dog park. There is a big king shepherd named Darrell and I asked the owner if it would be okay to let her in there while he was there and he put her in her place and she's timid around him which is good because she used to go for dogs all the time. I am still going to take her to a trainer though I think she needs a lot of help. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated thank you. Dee Dee Armstrong

  13. We've given CBD to our almost 5 year old Aussie for about 18 months. She has noise phobias. It's not a cure but it does take the edge off enough so that she'll come out of the closet and allow us to hold her (I understand that you're not supposed to pet/pat them or tell them "it's ok" but firm holding or leaning into them is ok). Between the CBD and the holding she can get through fireworks and thunderstorms better.
    When I was checking around before purchasing ours I was told that you need to see 3rd party testing results. I looked on the CBDMd website and didn't see 3rd party testing results. Do you know if they've been done? When the time comes that we need to buy more I'll keep this one in mind and ask the company for 3rd party test results.

  14. We've used CBD here in UK for years. Less is more . Excellent for helping to ease fitting as only 30% of dogs benefit from the usual medical treatments where as CBD stops seizures occurring so frequently . Helps big time with behaviour issues. It has such great benefits. Good on you for doing a video on this great product. I have tried the CBD oil myself and made my tongue numb lol : ) Mind you that was a human dose. People think it has THC. The legal limit here of THC is 0.02%. It does have a calming effect. Great video Tom. Thank you : )

  15. CBD has helped our girl so much with her anxiety. She had a rough life before us and is on high alert all the time. I know some of this will just be time passing but it helps her calm down so she is not always stressed and over alert.

  16. Just went and purchased this because I have one fur baby who’s anxious all the time. She is a great fur baby, but she just has anxiety issues. Hoping this will help her out!

  17. I literally had JUST started giving CBD to my Great Pyrenees mix because he's got some hip issues that get especially bad in the winter. He's pretty active so it's hard to see him hurting like that. I've tried about 4 other treatments and already this is looking like the most effective and only giving him half doses to start off with. I hope it continues to look positive for him and thanks for sharing this it's good to hear positive things about it from a pro.

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