1. Ive been meaning to quit for a while now, but I couldn't. (Horrible self control). A turn of event, the universe forced me to quit by changing my surroundings and literally cutting my supply.
    Now Im here trying to see if it would help.

    Edit: 5 mins in, I feel like I've had a tiny joint.

    Tips: Fasting helps to make the experience far superior. Dont ask me why. I dont know!!!! (Sorry, Im stoned).

    Ordering mcDonalds sundae…..

    Edit: I keep on forgetting that I was ordering mcdonalds…… that means it works. lightly.

  2. Bruh, i have insomnia and only way i can sleep well and wake up without feeling like shit is to smoke some weed, i listened to this about 2 times and i slept like a baby for the first time in i dont know how long, amazed this shit really works

  3. I am really, searching many binaural beats for Cannabis or cbd ,thc for chronic pain like … Trigeminal Neuralgia and Radiculopathy , because Marijuana was not allowed in our Country.

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