1. Theft always thinking they have right , attitude and personality illness is severely problems for United state, they don’t thinking take it a little bit from somebody is problem, they think they’re Problem is somebody make they’re problem.

  2. I wonder what Connie in real life doing these days.. I hope she watches this movie and sees what went wrong and lives better life. I feel kind of bad for her. She must have had a tough life. We can’t forgive her crime but I really hope that things turn around for her and live her life.

  3. Closed adoption is the biggest form of identity theft there is. It is a crime forced on single mothers and their children by adoption agencies, church clergy, adopters and social workers. It is way past time all involved were arrested like Connie.

  4. The judge that said there were worse things that could happen to her LIKE cancer, WHAT THE HELL !! I wonder if he would say the same thing if he went through the same hell as Michelle did !!

  5. I had mine stolen in 2014. I went to get my passport for my cruise and that’s how I found out. They wouldn’t give it to me because they thought I was trying to leave the US. Someone hacked into the blue cross blue shield insurance database and stole a ton of people’s information. Once someone gets ahold of your SS number they can find out pretty much everything about you. I know how that poor lady felt. That judge wouldn’t of felt that way if it was him.

  6. "Sorry I broke the picture" Who cares about the picture, someone stole 50 grand from you. I cannot believe people can do this to someone. How do they sleep? Kimberly Williams-Paisley is an excellent actress.

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