I tried the Rosin from MüV and Trulieve | Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews

I’m a medical marijuana patient in Florida and my videos are meant to help other medical marijuana patients in Florida or anyone who wants to learn about what …


  1. Trulieve doesn’t add bluriver terps to finished product they partnered with blue river so they could adopt blue river’s technique for extracting SHO. Blue river is pretty famous for it check out their IG.

  2. Hey Ellie hope all is well! I was really hoping you could help me make a decision. Of the e-rigs that you've tried which would you recommend now that you've had them for a few months? I was set on the Focus Carta but there's horror stories of their customer service and things breaking fast. It seems like with each popular product it's 50/50 between praise/bad experiences.

  3. you are doing fine on the videos from this stand point however I can see where you are spending some your time in editing to make them come out this good while other posters do not edit at all. Most posters just put their video out there without any refinement or editing.
    I myself am way to long winded and I also tangent, so I would have to edit like mad for me to post anything. I appreciate what you post.

  4. You should get an insert for your peak, check out @fadespaceofficial I have the v1 but the $225 one is obvi the best. I've only tried trulieve rosin and @frostyfreshhash and the cali stuff is better. For florida though TL & Muv rosin is good

  5. I really enjoy watching you go from straight to high. Your very entertaining without trying. And thanks for muffling the coughing, I wish more YouTubers would follow suit.

  6. They do add more terpenes they add cannabis-derived terpenes and food grade terpenes because it affects how the THC affects you.
    Yes they do add terpenes to it.
    Change the balance of terpenes and you change the marijuana's effect on you without changing the THC or the CBD content.
    yes additional added terpenes

  7. I quit vapes and only do flower and rosin. This is a nice alternative to flower and is a little more discreet. I use my on the trulieve pen and it works great. And you are correct. much smoother than flower and any vape I been smoking.

  8. Thank you! please do some videos on equipment and how much it cost and what's better and what devices are used for what, I'm a person who grew up with bong, pipes, and blunts, so all this new stuff is overwhelming, thxs

  9. Thank you! please do some videos on equipment and how much it cost and what's better and what devices are used for what, I'm a person who grew up with bong, pipes, and blunts, so all this new stuff is overwhelming, thxs

  10. that answered no questions I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul lol… that being said the Rosin from Trulieve is better at the moment because of the amount of strains available at trulieve. Muv never seems to have this product either. The Wellington location had it for the first time July 4th and it sold out in a day. I got one. I see holidays is the time to buy product because I got some amazing strains from them for shatter and rosin. Trulieve for the win here but also product is scarce they will have it for awhile and be out for awhile. One huge negative you forgot to mention is cost its VERY expensive at $75 and some would say not worth the extra 10 from shatter. I like it and buy it often because it's so clean I feel it's just the pure essence of marijuana captured in a concentrate.

  11. At your 4 minute mark, I asked trulieve that by using an analogy. I said that if bread gets put in a toaster and then it is toasted, I don’t know what to ADD to it and then try to convince me that it is bread and it is not different from the plant… I didn’t understand that you can’t change a plant or bread to a different chemical compound and then “add” something to the original and now changed compound and then try and say it is the same? I am still waiting for anyone who has the ability to toast bread and then change it back… thank you for allowing me to jump on my soapbox… I just got RSO and no one has any idea how to get the last of the concentrates out so far…cheers!🙋🏼‍♀️🌴🔆

  12. It’s come to my attention that the “blue river” part of the Trulieve rosin isn’t referring to the terpenes but the processing method.
    If that info had been on their website (Trulieve.com) I would’ve known and included that. But according to those of you who are telling me this, that info can be found on Instagram, not the website.
    Cool. Idk. My bad!

  13. I think you will find the textures will vary depending on batch and or strain. For the most part i find them all wonderful some better than others. Space Bomb is a good hybrid rosin, I liked the Phuck yeah Indica rosin alot. My favorite for sure but for the most part all very good. I hope to see more Blueriver inspired products in the future.

  14. Yes blueriver rosin have no terps added because they remain after the extraction process. Other Blueriver products do, the more pure products they have. Although Blue River does sell Terpenes they also seem to have world class solventless extraction processes.

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