I Grow Cannabis On Other People’s Land | Behind The Mask

In an undisclosed part of the UK, one guerilla gardener is secretly growing weed on other people’s land. Subscribe to Channel 4 Documentary: …


  1. Channel four, covid peddling cunts, are basically the British Secret Police. They do all the PSYOPS. This guy's an agent whether he knows it or not. Green crack and super skunk – propoganda.

  2. Was that one that was about the same height as you, the one you held up was that a auto flower one too or have you been able to get normal seeds done in time window available
    Over normal summer grow months, basically have you exclusively used autos or can you manage a normal crop outdoors with no greenhouse or that

  3. WARNING FOR AUSTRALIANS: Chronic Cannabis Seeds Aust. is a BOGUS WEB SITE run by a back yard criminal who will take your money and that's the last you'll hear from your money, your seeds, and the cunt who operates this scam website. I got bitten for $105 – DON'T BE LIKE ME and LOSE YOUR MONEY!

  4. Uk gov need to get there thumbs out there ass and legalize the weed. Its a fuckin plant what chills you out. It doesn't make you want to go out and fight like alcohol

  5. My first few guerilla grows were amazing. Never grew cannabis. It was so easy. Got so high for free. Nice hidden swamp. I never sold. Had my share and gave plenty away. Then the wealthy moved in with bulldozers. Dirt hiking trails may harm their designer shoes so they uprooted trees and paved over trail with toxic asphalt. Then they put in mountain bike trails all around my grow so they could be cool in their gay helmets and pricey bikes. My beautiful girls were well hidden but spotted. God forbid they would have to mind their own business. All my hard work and anticipation gone by the rich hipsters. Nature was fine and thriving but moneyed people move in and destroy it so they can "experience nature"! One mosquito lands on them they spray 50 square miles of fields with toxins. PEople suck ass. Mind your own damn business and leave nature alone.!

  6. 0:17 Thank you! Finally I don't feel alone. My whole life I don't bother anyone but I don't follow stupid rules. I do what I want. It gets me in lots of trouble. After all the pain and trouble my attitude. I DO WHAT I WANT. AMEN

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