1. As i am worried for the first time , dose salted water creates any burning sensation in the inner nose?
    I constantly feel nasal congestion with watery eyes and excessive sneezing some times. I too have very dry skin with small reddish dry pores in back skin and near outer biceps skin. Am I suffering from allergic rhinitis?

  2. Super helpful and informative video, thank you! I've got the same brand neti pot and will be using it shortly. I'm using reverse osmosis water instead. I've read/heard spring water is okay to use as well.

  3. Great video! Thanks for the thorough directions. Bought a cheap plastic blue one from Walmart just now for $14 that came with 50 packets of premixed saline. Breathing through the mouth, felt a slight pressure similar to getting water in your nose after swimming but very painless. (Maybe one tear) Feels great now! Just took Flonase afterwards. Hope this solves my sinus infection issues. I was sick for 6 months around this time last year due to seasonal allergies and sinus infections that turned into full on flu's.

  4. Twice a day as a regular part of life? Thanks. I didn't know. I've used mine only every so many years when I'm fighting congestion. Rarely catch colds or flu. Respiratory issues once every 9-10 years is my norm. Will use it more frequently to see if will help with other issues. Thx.

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