1. Ok guys. First time growing. Got a single plant that's 4 ft tall. Have done nothing to it but natural sun, water, and fertilizer. Any suggestions or ideas on what I need/could do from here. I pretty much know nothing about the plant.

  2. Really debating if I should top my plants or not, I think I’m going to try with one. Have 4 plants, 3 crown royale, 1 white widow growing outside here in sw Ontario. 7 gallon pots, been in soil since April 23rd, currently about 7” tall with 4-6 sets of leaves so far

  3. i accidently cut the whole thing off my plant 🙁 …. is that horrible will it die? i got excited and didnt finish the whole video i just saw the first cut then tried myself. help please or advice?

  4. Thank you this was very helpful I am an old hippie. Been growing for 40 plus years and while growing my deceased husband used to take care of most of all preparations so this was very helpful for me thank you so much New York you are all in my prayers for this time in need. And you saved me from having to call my oldest son that b** has me out and says I don't know what I'm doing I will keep you posted.

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