How to make a free PK booster for your cannabis plants for free,outdoor growing on a budget,21+ only

Looking at a cheap and easy way to add a pk booster to your garden. For grow equipment go to and use discount code UB2020 at …


  1. Urban, Thanks for the tip. A couple of yrs ago we used to heat our little house with a wood heater that was from the early 1900 may be 1920ish. But we know a little about wood. Any wood with paint, Particle Board or treated wood. Bad for what we want in our garden. I see you have some Wild Lettuce. Cool Beans!! Subd. n Loved My Friend. Keep them coming.

  2. Funnily enough,, last spring, I found a little plant growing in the middle of the ash pile, from the inside fire. My goat eats all my trim etc.. so he must have shot out a seed in its natural fertiliser.. and the ash obviously helped .. cheers mate. Much love from Aus.

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