How To Identify & Fix IRON Deficiency in Cannabis Plants

Today we discuss Fe Deficiency (iron) and how you can troubleshoot it. Our Sponsor Today – TNB Naturals: Grow Gear & Head shop: …


  1. Thanks man, I just realised my plant has iron deficiency. I thought it was yellowing like this because of the genetics. I'm using coco perlite as the medium and this seems to have a high pH by default, would you recommend using a lower than usual pH (<5.0) in the nute mixture to balance the medium pH? I also was over watering in the beginning.

  2. Randomly I have this going on .
    Wasnt 100% until I watched . Video was very helpful.
    Im thinking my issue may have been caused by too much nitrogen locking out iron uptake ? Does that make any sense to you ?
    May have corrected itself

  3. hey man im having this problem 9 days into seedling, first grow ever, im using promix hp and gaia green organics. was watering at around 6.5-6.8 thats likely what caused this? what should i ph around you think? also using ro water

  4. Hi Lex, I am a very new grower and I was hoping to seek your amazing knowledge. I left you a messenger message and some pictures of my very sad black valley ladies and was hoping you would have time to take a peek..! Thanks newbie T….!

  5. I'm not finish watching all your videos yet and i original started searching because i want to use cinnamon on my beauties. Your 1 on 1 packages have my interest as well . video's are great very informative and helpful….

  6. Great video Lex – from start to finish! Some other points that you and your viewers may find of interest. Iron aids in the conversion of CBG into THC-A so more iron availability will increase THC and lower CBD. Common chelates include EDTA, DTPA and EDDHA (in increasing order of expense and pH availability) – but all chelated forms necessitate a high amount of protonation from the plant in order to access the iron – and chelates can cause cell damage to young plants. The most cutting edge form of iron for plants is nano iron oxide – it’s passively uptaken at anything between pH 2.5 and 10 – and you’ll be seeing it in commercial fertilizer products over the next decade. If you would like to try some then reach out any time. ✊ Keep up the awesome work buddy.

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