How to grow Mogra plant in Pot | Grow Jasmine Complete Guide

How to grow Mogra plant in Pot – Hello friends I am Ayan . Today I am going to show you how to grow mogra or jasmine in pot . This will be a complete guide on …


  1. Hello sir..i have started planting many plants on my terrace as i just love plants but i don't get good results with many plants. Now onwards i will start following your tips religiously and hope to see better growth of my plants.

  2. My chameli plant leafs started drying out as soon as i brought it from nursery. Earlier i thought this may be due to excessive sunlight, i shifted it to an area having less sunlight, but there is no change. I tried up turning the soil. Nothing helped. It still continues to shed off. The shedding started from the bottom. Leaf 1st turned yellow and then it shed off. Soil was taken from the nursery itself. If you could please guide me how to prevent this.

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