1. How much airflow should you have blowing on the weed you're drying:  None, barely any, moderate or full blast?  How much air to make sure you don't get mold but don't also dry out too quickly?

  2. You should check out LED lights. They use 40% less power and produce way less heat. They are also tuned to give off the right spectrum of light. It just makes sense. Check out KINDLED. They are the best.

  3. I've never grown marijuana. I'm knew to the whole process but I'd definitely like to start. Are there any references to any websites or guides for beginners? Any tips or such?

  4. grew ten plants from seed outdoors. They grew to 5feet tall and 3feet wide. But the flowers didnt get big and chunky. After I harvested and dry them the look so flat and not like buds.

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