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  2. People think this is a joke. The medical products of Cannabis are important – Seizures, pain, arthritis… oh yes. I lost two huge bumps vaping White Widow Cannabis – that was 6 years ago. I proceeded to do it for about a week, and after two weeks bumps on the basal joint of my thumbs had reduced from almost 3/4 of an inch in height to a flat pad that is cyst like but has not returned! I still get pain. If ever I had access to that Cannabis again, I would use it and share it – Face it – it is a WEED, it grows naturally if you let it, it is part of Mother Earth – and it works. (that part really pisses big pharma off!) One of these days soon people will wake up and it will be legal (.) without exclusion of method of use. It has to be, our medical situation is eating itself alive, and us with it. Wake up folks.

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