Harvesting My Marijuana Plants // Growing My Own Weed

Hey fellow stoners!! This is just a short video of me cutting down my marijuana plants and talking a little bit about the process. I will have a pt. 2 of me smoking …


  1. Lol all these thirsty guys eating up a girl grower. Women’s growing cool and all but don’t clit ride. She needs way better light but looks subpar and whispy as fuck. Less bro science more legit botany and fatten those buds up. Happy for your harvest

  2. Lol she thought that was a lot of weed 30lbs will look like a mountain to her lol … I’m jk … glad for your grow and glad it made you very happy 🖖🏾 good growing … I love Blue Dream …

  3. I would forsure suggest you go with a dry nutrients while familiarizing yourself with the plant very easy to burn and I really hope you cure that a good 65f-72f is fine try to keep your room dark with constant airflow not directly aimed at your buds you can save alittle time and collect dry trim i later dry sifting latter on for some bomm keifag dry I like tell friends to Dry no less than 7 days no more than 14 but you can use the stem snap trick. Check out videos on curing my thumbs are tired 😂

  4. Hey man I have a question is there a step by step system on growing I’m trying master it and learn for my on medical use I’m from Indianapolis so it’s hard to get my meds in state that’s not legal so I took it upon myself to learn how to grown my own meds until iam able to make it to Phoenix Is there any advice for me or you can share it would help me out so much i have IBS and Crohn’s and been having no luck with pills and hospital and really trying see if this grown can help me

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