1. Thats how they get thru life, toking up before every activity, marijuana makes time pass much more pleasantly. I once had to live in my car for a few months, and while emptying out my storage unit to sell stuff to raise money to eat, i traded a drum set i had to a friend for a couple ounces. No issues getting high and reading books in my car all day, in a walmart parking lot, then by the beach for the free showers/view, one of the best times in my life…

  2. Pot enhance your ability to do what you love doing it makes that activity 100x more exciting and enjoyable it makes you creative plus it help with “Extreme!” Extreme focus! So this is why they smoke before doing what they love doing amazing people and why of life!

  3. How did you not participate in toke or eating monkey? They see as disrespect. If you go to their country and film them like zoo animals, at least respect the culture man.

  4. You’re a tourist. Didn’t even eat their food or smoke their weed. You replayed their click in the language because of the novelty to you. These are humans with as deep a life as you. Actually more because you don’t actually experience it.

  5. Very rude never reject offers like that you should be honored they offer you stuff from there culture and way of life always except the food I understand the pot but the food and dancing with them that’s rude

  6. Morning toke, prepare for hunt, toke some more, hunt monkeys, toke while monkey dies, cook monkey; smoke some more, dance with tribe and family. Rinse and repeat, sounds like a good life

  7. The world is really at danger from here.
    Eating monkeys, snakes, and other wild animals is not permitted by God.
    To me if someone can eat 🐒 or 🐍 he can eat human.
    On the other hand these dangerous actions can cause very dangerous unknown veruses like Corona virus, Ebola and so on

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