Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir Basics + My ‘Feelings’ On Coco…

An intro to palm peat, coco peat, or just plain old coco: using it as a primary growing medium, rather than as an amendment, issues to watch out for and my …


  1. You never really Explained why you don't like coco…other than cal-mag having to added.IAm thinking going to coc from dwc bc iam Doubling the size of my grow and don't have the time Monitor it is much

  2. I'm in the middle of my first time all in coco. I wish I never chose it. All growth is slow, like really slow. I want to reppot into soil but worried it will shock the plants. They're two months and still small

  3. I think a simple fix is a three pronged attack. 1st pre wash in R0 water. 2nd a 48- 72 hour soak in cal mag. 3rd another wash in R0 water. Coco absorbs calmag and gives off K. This act throws of the ppm available to the plant causing Deficiencies and toxicity’s.

  4. I knew I can count on Lex to give me the information that I was looking for on Coco I was just about to buy some off of Amazon change my mind because what he said only makes sense so I'm going to watch the super soil video and see if that's something I want to do thanks Lex

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