Growing Cannabis 🌱 in Frosty Northern Ontario 🍁

Frost Advisory two nights in a row now for Northern Ontario, Canada*** Still VERY happy that I grow my plants in 5 gallon buckets for many reasons❣️One …


  1. Yeah im in Southern Oregon& all the fires & ash are starting to be filtered out by little wind& light rain🙏⭐🙏⭐😎My Twelve outdoor plants are starting to get some those plump Tittiez🌱🌴🌼😎Cheers My Friend

  2. i live north east ont i have 12 plants in the ground we got a frost advisory but i left them in just didnt water for 3 days they seem toi be fine but next weekend is 3 days of light rain i am not to sure of

  3. I have early bud rot on vancouver island and powdery mildew , plants in ground. Not the best fall for growing.Still happy to have any home grown. Where can one aquire such a diverse seed stock ? I would like to try some other strains next year. Thanks for your work and sharing with everybody .

  4. Im in eastern Canada and i got whats left not harvested yet of my outdoor girls all in the green house were in the night time now it stays on avarice 4 to 5 degrees warmer and in the day time now 7 to 8 degrees warmer plus protected from the cold rains and strong winds we been having lately. Mine will all finish up in the green house i am trying to think of a small heat source to help boot the heat in there a lil for a couple late flowering strains. So far the green house is doing the trick for me i have 2 left outside the whole time that are not looking as good as the ones in the green house so the proof is in the pudding. I thought i saw a green house in your garden you dont just keep a couple in there? Whats your thoughts or experience with that?

  5. I'm really impressed that you able to keep your outdoor plants growing so well in your 5 gallon buckets. I also keep mine in 5 gallon buckets. Can you offer some of your knowledge on what to do with a broken branch. I would really appreciate any advice. I really appreciate You having this Great Channel.. Keep up the Great Work and Thank You

  6. Dude I love the comments from you James….ppl commenting dumb shit in your comments all the time will never stop. Too many dumb young kids now. From east coast NB myself and temps super cold here now too. I have mine in POTS as well for same reasons, and carried them to garage tonight. Supposed to warm up next week fingers crossed.

  7. i’m down here in southern ontario and i feel so bad, we’re still rolling 20-25 degree weeks, that’s gonna change in a couple of weeks or so though knowing it’s drops to about 5 at night!

  8. Hi from New Zealand James, I'm Really enjoying your videos thank you. I am very interested in how you are achieving the structure, shape of your beautiful plants and look forward to seeing that video when you have time to do it.

  9. i'm as far south as you can get and still be in canada. i've got a few girls in the ground and they need at least 2 more weeks to finish. there's a frost advisory for tonight (sept 18). i'm gonna have to break out the tarps. i'm a little worried. weather looks better for the next few weeks (fingers crossed) but it's so random; forecast for tonight: 1C with patchy frost. next monday night: 6C, next tuesday night: 15C. I mean, fuck off, right!?

  10. You are a beauty and your growing skills are on point! F the haters … keep doing your thing in the in the North bud! I’ll keep watching your videos from down in Ottawa while I watch my ladies bloom up for the rest of the season!

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