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  1. Yesterday I put a barrel in the garden and I jumped from the roof so can crack my back. So far I'm still lying there can't move anything, is it supposed to be like this?

  2. What is even up with this guy ? Is this guy fixing problems for a long time ? Or is he just cracking for views ? Every human is different why is he doing the same stuff over and over again on everyone

  3. Sir I'm from Nepal.I've lower back pain from my childhood & have problems in stooling & urinating.Pain is for almost 24hrs.Sometime its hard.I feel like my lower back part needs to be adjusted.I feel like my lower backbone hasn't taken the weight of upper body parts.And I cannot stand erect as i've to lean a little forward.Please do reply sir.

  4. For the people that have had the Y strap done is the cracking down the spine simultaneous or does it start at the neck and go down like high-speed dominos? I assume the latter but I wonder if it’s overwhelming to some when it feels like he’s cracking 20 bones at the same time.

  5. I live in the Chicagoland area and want to get the Y strap adjustment. I remember him saying something about a website you can check out to find a doctor In your area that does that kind of adjustment but it’s been so long

  6. sometimes cos of doc joe i sometimes i pretend i have a rope attached to the top of my head and stretch and it cracks all around my neck and sometimes my chest when i'm driving , in bed or sitting some where . so there you go doc , you do alot more than you think you are , and thanks to you doc joe ..

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