Durban Poison Marijuana Harvest (Sativa Pheno 2)

18+ Durban Poison Marijuana Harvest (Sativa Pheno 2). Top Shelf Grower is harvesting another Sativa pheno of the Durban Poison. Fresh out of the ultimate …


  1. Hi!
    They look beautiful. What final pot size did you use?
    I cannot find a clear answer to my question whatsoever online. I'm growing 3 Durban poison plants and want to know on average how many grams I'd get/the yield from one plant in a 3 gallon pot.

  2. can i ask you hat seedbank did you used? and what do you mean with sativa pheno? this plant should be 100% sativa! I'm growing 2 (dutch passion) at the moment and they look exact the same! Greets!

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