Dank Nugs: 4 Cannabis Plants in a 100 Gallon Fabric Pot

Dude Grows Show clip from Grow Talk Ep. 957 What’s the DGC Smoking On? The Dude, Scotty and Guru feature some Dank Nugs posted by Cloudhead024 …


  1. My last grow i did 2 strains per pot in 5 gallons. i had one pot where they were different strains, the green crack got massive and the sour d was stunted and tiny! the rest of the pots were all sour diesel from the same batch of seeds and they all grew big. so if you are gonna do multiple seeds per pot make sure they are the same strain.

  2. I wouldn't do different strains in one pot. If one plant stretches more than another would make positioning of the pot difficult. A bigger issue is the finish times on them. They might vary as well.

    Stick with multiple clones of the same plant and it'll work fine.

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