College student 'gifting' marijuana with merchandise purchases

A college student is taking advantage of a loop hole in Michigan’s marijuana law by gifting weed along with the purchase of some of his merchandise.


  1. $80 t-shirt really? So for that $80 t-shirt I get questionable marijuana that I don't know how it was cultivated and I surely don't know how many dangerous pesticides I'm smoking sounds like a great deal if I was an idiot and didn't care about my health.

  2. If they won't get their shit together…. Someone else will. You shouldn't be able to touch these people doing this. It's sneaking around the law yeah. But that's how our whole dumb country works.

  3. Very cool, I wear an xl. If people have a problem with gifting they should contact their Michigan representatives and urge them to start sales. Open stores. 1 person made 11,000$ in a short time, imagine what a store could do. Do our politicians really not want the revenue for our state??? Colorado had over a BILLION$$$ in sales and over 200 million in revenue. The lack of enthusiasm about that for our state from our representatives is very disappointing, until now politicians were thought to be money motivated.

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