CBD Oils, Creams, and Edibles: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly | Advanced Rheumatology Forums

Originally broadcasted August 4, 2020 to a Zoom audience. Our on-site nutrition expert Rosemary Altemus of Eating Well with Katie Rose breaks down the …


  1. Great info & right to the point, thanks. I started taking CBD as needed, but when my rheumatologist recommended taking it twice a day regularly like a traditional medicine, I really started to get incredible relief. I did start taking some THC at night at the same time (as well as fish oil) so it’s hard to know exactly which is working, but my joint pain is at the lowest its been in years.

    A small CBD dose in the morning doesn’t give me any drowsiness, but I take a higher concentration before bed and it definitely has a helpful relaxing/drowsy effect.

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