CBD oil helps Anxiety and Benzo Addiction.

I developed a brain injury do to the use of benzodiazepines prescribed by my doctor. I hope this inspires and creates awareness for those that are struggling …


  1. What symptoms does the CBD help with? I'm going through Benzo WD now it's been over 5 months of pure torture and I feel like I won't make it another day if I can't find something to take the edge off. Severe depression and health anxiety insomnia and digestive issues among many other things. In so much physical pain 🙁

  2. I'm so scared to stop taking my klonopin. But I know in many ways they've made things worse for me. I'm going to try to get medical marijuana but know it will take a while. I recently purchased a CBD oil but it was from a a smoke shop and wondering how good it really is and I wish I had someone to talk to when I get it that really gets what I'm going through. I went almost 2 days with no klonopin but had just started using CBD oil 500 mg bottle. I'm taking two droppers full. Once to twice daily sublingual. Well at almost full 2 day no klonopin I had all of a sudden major agitation/ really angry and crying. If you could reach out to me that would be great. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you ☺

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