CBD for Sleep | Does CBD Help With Insomnia? (2019)

Initial research into CBD shows that it holds promise in promoting a healthy amount of sleep. Find out more by reading this blog post: …


  1. I just quit marijuana thc, after 7 years of heavy heavy use .. without cbd i went through shitty withdraws which bring me back to thc but I tried CBD and it lowered my cravings for thc and stabilized my mood, gave me a head change enough to get stuff done. And it helped me sleep

  2. Wow!
    Who would have thought that a CBD retailer would tout the "proven" benefits of CBD?
    Here's the truth: while there's some anecdotal evidence to support the claims made in this video, there is no research-based evidence that CBD oil helps with insomnia.

  3. Cbd dont help with anything lol I switched from thc flower to straight cbd flower for a couple months amd it didnt do a single thing for my anxiety stress or insomnia. I've tried cbd drops cbd distillate cbd wax cbd flower cbd gummies lol if its cbd I've tried it amd not 1 of them did a single thing for me I believe it's a placebo effect for people that actually believe the hype got sick of tasting nasty ass hay smaoke when I smoked it so I switched back over to the good stuff THC! I know everybody is diff but I gave It to 10+ friends and they had zero effect either

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