Cannabis Terpenes v.s. Food Grade v.s. "Fake" Terpenes – The Terpene Institute

Whats the difference between all these terms? Truth is, everyone of these terms is used WRONG in the Cannabis Industry! Don’t be a “Terp Rookie”, learn the …


  1. Cannabis producers here in the Legal Nevada market have to disclose on packaging or on the Terpene Profile if the Terpenes are Cannabis derived or "Food Grade" and what process was used for extraction like Ethanol, C02, Butane etc. NV has been an example to other "Legal" states when it comes to Lab quality and protecting their consumers. Thanks for the vid really good info! 👍

  2. Hey there! Loved the video and I’m very interested in learning more about terpenes I’m a budtender in Washington and am trying to always learn something new and you seem like a knowledge mine! I would love to try your terpenes if you could get back in contact whenever, much appreciated!

  3. The problem with non cannabis derived Terpenes is the essential oil lacks the Esters and flavonoids essential to constructing the profile. The main terpenes in the profiles are also way out of proportion.

    People run distillate from any strain, then chuck some Pinene, myrcene, and Caryophyllene in it and call it Blue dream. This is the problem where the industry is going.

  4. Just grow, buy, Herb. Real Herb. Not engineered extracted just plain old Herb. The why is the money. Buying bud is not enough profit margin. Everybody complains about the taste of these vapes. Not real bud. This guy is trying to blow smoke UYA. Herb like God, nature, wanted it to be consumed.

  5. Pretty good video..but it doesn’t go back and forth from what is and what isn’t terps….. ..if I understand the terminology…each plant is a type of TERP….. …and chemical TERPs aren’t “natural”. I think that explains it much quicker and better. You did much better than the class and my dispensary explained though….

    I do wonder if a natural TERP is compared to an essential oil from the same plant has the same chemical compound…as essential oil seems best when produced with methods like I’ve seen to make terps….

    ….. & though I do have a question …below….

  6. First off thank you for sharing this information.

    You have expressed that synthetic terpenes are "Bad" but I don't believe you explained scientifically why you feel that way?

    Synthetic terpenes have a higher purity on GC/MS and are definitely more reliable on a lot to lot basis. I know this because I have tested them for the past year.

    I understand that natural terpenes are derived from nature making them more desirable to the consumer because synthetic is a somewhat scary word for people not in the industry. But I still do not see any proof that synthetic terpenes do not function the exact same as natural terps when it comes to creating a cannabis profile for THC Oil Vaping products.

    If you have further information to prove there is a real difference besides the origin do you mind providing it?

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