Cancer Journey #57 – Good times, bad times

Can’t always be sunshine and daisies…. CT Scan and CEA results, Zoom with Doc Fitzmaurice on the 18th, will re-update then. Stay positive, thats all we got.


  1. I’m so impressed with your great attitude and your fighting spirit. It’s pretty obvious to me that you are winning this war. Don’t let those numbers get you discouraged. The cannabis is clearly helping ! Please be open to hearing out your oncologist..hopefully she can help you decide the next steps. Hugs and love from Tville to you and Dixie girl.

  2. Stay strong and thank you for sharing your journey. As my father has had colon and Hodgkin's lymphoma and chemo nearly did him in he's in his 80s now and if he gets cancer again he wouldn't be able to tolerate chemo. Take care prayers for you 🙏

  3. If i were you I'd look closely at what you changed around the time your numbers started going back up. Dietary and exercise changes may be stressing the body too much. I bet you'll figure it out. Try to do exactly what you were doing when your numbers were double digits and repeat it.

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