Breeding Basics 101: Pollinating Your Cannabis Plants

This is a video about how we make babies. Pollinating flower to make seeds. We show you how we do it from start to finish and answer some frequently asked …


  1. Stupid to have any open container!! Zip Lock sandwich bag using one finger and close the bag before anything else. You don't need the bag over the pollinated buds. Watch how I do it and you be the judge 💯 RESPECT!

  2. This was by far very descriptive in the processes taken in pollinating. Great job! Would using a brown bag (putting it in a dark environment) vs. a white bag to cover your pollinated flower make a difference? If I do this outdoors, should I cover my male plant?

  3. Just snip off a branch or two with mature "nanners. Isolate the lady to
    avoid "contaminating" the other girls, then shake the male branch over
    the mother's "lady parts," because that's the way nature does it. You can also
    put some 'nanners in a baggie and store in the refrigerator for future

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